Governments and corporations make and take the money and then call it debt, put it on the working public, and the working public ignorantly accepts it.

All goods and services would have to double in price each year, and all salaries and wages would have to double every 12 months also. The silver content of those coins puts a lower bound on the value of the coins yes – but that value has changed dramatically over time. Money is the main lubricant of trade and when no one wants to hold cash trade becomes near impossible to do. For example, if you melted down a mercury dime in 1980 you would have got around $1.2 from the silver while in 1990 you would have got 30 cents. Today you would get $2.40 (which is much higher than the actual price of these coins, around 30 cents for ones in a bad nick.)I’m still not sure what this has to do with inflation.